for Elevated Workers

"It was January 03, 1989 at 11:55 in the morning; I was working in my bucket along with another journeyman in his bucket, cutting over existing distribution to a new elevated pole. Both poles were adjacent to each other and I had just finished the work on my pole and was elevating alongside and up to the new cross arm. The next thing I knew I was flat on my back lying on the asphalt. Although I was at my limit in boom extension I could still elevate which I was in the process of doing when the boom bolts that were defective on my truck failed, the boom collapsed, and I ended up on the asphalt road. I was out of the bucket and flat on my back.

I have been on crutches ever since and have never walked again on my own legs. I have constant back pain and recently had my left leg amputated. I also have plenty of time on my hands to think about what if. Had the 'Wishbone' dual safety tether been available to me I would have been secured to both the pole as well as the bucket. When the boom failed the 'Wishbone' would have released the connection to the bucket and I would have been safely hanging from the pole. I wish I had the 'Wishbone' back then, make sure you have it today!

Take the time now to be safe, or you may spend the rest of your time wishing you had. Don't just wish for safety, use good safety practices, and use the 'Wishbone' every time you're elevated."

Work Safe,

Ken Hartwell - Accident Victim - Monroe, New Hampshire